Long Way From Last Year

When was the last time you stopped by suite 1565 inside The Hurt Building? Chances are VALEO’s downtown office space will look a lot different than the last time you visited, if it has been awhile.

 The new VALEO sign is 

VALEO set up shop on the 17th floor of The Hurt Building last November, in an open common space, for two weeks while waiting for our suite to be finished. Unstable internet access and lack of meeting space didn’t slow things down, though a few work days at Inman Perk helped retain sanity.

With four offices at the southeast corner of the building, VALEO went to work putting together desks and furniture; making the suite look more like an actual workspace. However, the addition of clients and Bryan Thomas in February, required the firm to acquire the adjacent suite and expand.

The additional 1,500sq. ft. allowed for a “musical chairs” round of office changes for employees, but most notably provided space for the VALounge. This room, equipped with comfortable chairs, bar area, and Wii, quickly became an office favorite for gathering and team building, important with a new company. Though not quite as exciting, it should also be noted that the expansion provided VALEO with a true conference room. This provided adequate space to hold client meetings, brainstorms and conference calls.

Office art is the latest addition to the walls, complimenting the VALEO logo hanging in the lobby. Client logos, pictures of employees and clients at various events, and artwork adorn the walls, while each employee decorated their office to their own taste and interests.

So next time you are in the area, stop by. Have a beer on Friday (or most any day!) with the team, get in on the Wii tournament, or knock out some business in the conference room.

John Wilson is a VALEO Associate early career is marked by attention to detail, commitment to client outcomes and a broad skillset. He gained valuable experience at Golin (formerly GolinHarris) and the Zimmerman Agency before joining VALEO.