Organizations must effectively communicate with a range of stakeholders amid ever-quickening, 24/7 online and real-world brand scrutiny. They must effectively tell a story to employees, investors, decision makers, elected officials, media or overcome opponents in real-time, to drive desired audience action. Yet too often organizations fail to build and execute strategic stakeholder engagement campaigns based upon solid plans for a host of reasons.

Generally communications plans are built in haste, without first clearly defining goals, the target audience, approach required to move stakeholders, and measurable outcomes. Gut instinct or budgets dictate the approach without regard to a team's ability or bandwidth to execute the engagement plan. And rarely are organization leaders or communications professionals empowered to find white space, plotting a new course in the marketplace. 

VALEO changes these dynamics by providing the confidence, insight and space for thoughtful planning, and the expertise and resource to drive execution. Our services fall in the public relations, public affairs, employee communication, corporate social responsibility, crisis and organizational management categories.

Thoughtful strategic planning and effective stakeholder engagement based upon our i4 Model delivers desired results:


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